“Game Plan for Success” – Southern Nazarene University Educational Leadership Program coming to Woodward in May 2020


SNU Educational Leadership Program coming to Woodward in May 2020

In today’s always on-the-go environment, time management is a must. That’s especially true for high school coaches as well as educators. The demands for every minute of the day create daily challenges to accomplish their individual goals including taking the step to the next level of their professional careers.

Southern Nazarene University has the game plan for success for those coaches and classroom teachers through their Master of Arts Educational Leadership program where participating learners are encouraged and supported through affirming their value as individuals.

“The Educational Leadership program prepares coaches and educators for leadership positions at all levels including school superintendent and principal careers,” explained program director Dr. Stephoni Case. “Students also create friendships and lifelong relationships while participating in the classroom setting sharing real world experiences and challenges with others that are in their same walk of life every day.”

The convenience of the one night a week classroom schedule allows participants to manage their busy schedule and advance their career in a one-on-one network of learning.

“We’re intentional about the Wednesday night schedule because it works for the participants,” confirmed Case. “At the end of the 20-month schedule the common thread of success is that the face-to-face atmosphere creates a positive learning experience while achieving personal goals.”

Southern Nazarene’s Master of Educational Leadership will begin a new campaign in Woodward starting May 27th.

Get ready for a fantastic opportunity to connect with other educators and build your professional network. For more information go to http://snu.edu/mael or call 405-491-6346.