VOTE NOW! Which NWOK Area Slowpitch Softball Player Should We Feature Next? – Presented by Iron Nation (Poll Ends 4/24)

With Oklahoma high school sports on a hiatus, we still want to highlight our awesome student athletes. YOU get to help us decide which slow pitch softball player from your area will be featured in our next issue. 

Voting ends at 8:00PM on Friday, April 24th.

DISCLAIMER: If voting exceeds an extraordinary amount in a small period of time, your IP address may be subject to a “cooling off period.” Rest assured, you will eventually be able to vote again.

DISCLAIMER #2: If you do not see an athlete from the area who you wish to vote for, write in their NAME and SCHOOL. Once they get 100 votes they will be added to the list.

DISCLAIMER #3: VYPE will not feature the same athlete twice in the same calendar year if at all possible.