Enid’s Michelle Prince – Character Counts Presented By Curttright Honda

Only a freshman for Enid High School, Michelle Prince has already earned the Character Counts award for her school. When asked how she felt about winning the award she said, “I am very thankful, and honored.” 

Michelle is an active student and athlete, competing for her school’s track and basketball teams and is part of JROTC. She is regarded as an example of leadership and hard work. She has straight A’s on top of everything else she is involved in. She encourages her teammates on the basketball court to always keep pushing themselves. She is very respectful to all coaches and is an example of a great young lady.

“I have always had the passion to go fight and to help my country and JROTC was a great start to that,” said Michelle about why she chose that program. Her favorite part of the program is getting to help people. “My goal is to go to the Air Force Academy and go on from there to be a cardiothoracic surgeon in the Air Force,” said Michelle. 

Being part of the JROTC means you must be a motivated person. Michelle gets her motivation from her family. 

“My parents play a big part in my life motivating me in whatever interests me and what I love to do,” Michelle said. 

The person who Michelle looks up to the most is her big sister Krista. 

“She is one of my biggest role models in my life and she does everything to help at the best of her ability,” said Michelle.