Hennessey’s Kaden Rapp – Character Counts Presented By INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center

The Hennessey Character Counts Honor goes to Kaden Rapp, a junior baseball player for the Eagles. Rapp is the starting catcher for Hennessey and also plays some shortstop. He also helps get the Eagles bats going by leading off the order.

Through five games this season Rapp is hitting .455 with a .571 on base percentage. As a sophomore he hit .300 with a .429 on base percentage and 13 RBI. As a junior Kaden is also taking on a more important role this season.

“My role is being a leader, I just try to set a good example for the younger players to look up to by always having a positive attitude and playing my hardest,” said Rapp.

Kaden says the team the team goal for this season is to keep a positive attitude. For himself he says he wants to improve as a leader and be a better role model on and off the field. 

Outside of baseball Rapp also plays linebacker and tight end for the Hennessey football. He also excels in the classroom with a 3.8 GPA.

“School is important to me because I want to get into college,” said Rapp, “and I want to play baseball at the next level and that’s a big plus if you have good grades.”

His approach as a leader and in school show that Rapp values character.

“Character to me is who you are when people aren’t looking, cause people will try to get away with bad things when people aren’t looking, so to me it’s important to have good character at all times,” said Rapp.