Shattuck’s Samuel Long – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Jess Wales Chevrolet

By Travis Sloat

If there ever was a definitive answer to the question, “Why do you love football the most,” Samuel Long from Shattuck High School has it. “Just getting to hit someone as hard as you can legally,” Long laughed. “It also really builds your character into a better man. I love the rush of adrenaline I get stepping on the field. I love the emotion, dedication, passion, and hard work it takes. Not everyone can do it.”

For those who would doubt his dedication to the sport, it should be noted that Long is a three time state champion in football, and he plays almost every other sport Shattuck has to offer. In the fall he’s on the gridiron, winter the hardwood, and in the spring he dons a glove and steps onto the baseball field for the Indians.

Currently, he’s wrapping up the basketball season, and he said he’s working on some of the finer touches of the game. “I’m just trying to get better at every aspect of it,” Long said. “Shooting, passing, drib-bling, rebounding, and my defense. As a team we really want to get to the Big House and win the whole thing.”

When it comes to prepping for his senior year, Long is doing his best to maintain a good attitude about everything. “Sometimes it’s not easy,” he joked. “But I want to be respectful to others, a leader, and always try to have good sportsmanship. I also want to be a leader on and off the court.”