Mooreland’s Jayden Patterson – Athlete Spotlight Presented By High Plains Technology Center

Jayden Patterson is a student at Mooreland High School and a member of the cross coun-try and track teams. Patterson also attends High Plains Technology Center where he is en-rolled in the Marketing program. “I wanted something different then the standard education and also thought it would be fun and useful to take no matter the program,” said Patterson.

Patterson, like many other students, has enjoyed the program and the experience he’s gained through the practical applications of the lessons. “The projects we do such as Market Day project where we had a group and each group had a competition to see who could sell the most of the items they picked are enjoyable,” said Patterson. “It’s a fun experience and once again no matter the class you take you are getting job experience and learning useful skills and as times go on more programs will probably be made and each program will improve as we go.”

As a student-athlete, Patterson has enjoyed competing and representing Mooreland High School. “I enjoy the improvements throughout the year personally. And I enjoy the team improv-ing and my teammates. I enjoy how close we are with most of our team it makes the sport as a whole a lot more fun,” said Patterson.

Also a member of National Honor Society, Patterson has not yet deciding on what the fu-ture holds, but he is nearly certain it will involve him owning his own business. “Haven’t thought much about plans for the future, but I do want to eventually own my own business,” said Patterson.

Away from sports and school, Patterson enjoys hanging out with friends and doing what sounds fun at the time.