Vici’s Drake Kerr: Baseball Spotlight Presented By Iron Nation Harley Davidson

By Derrick Smith

When someone talks about the sport of baseball, various things come to mind. A beautiful summer day, the sound of cracking bats, the smell of popcorn and peanuts. While that may be what happens for fans, the game of baseball is different for those who play the game.

Drake Kerr has played baseball for twelve years and says that it is the things he learns from the sport that he enjoys the most.

“The game of baseball has taught me about so much more in life than just the sport,” he said. “There are so many life lessons in the game of baseball that will stick with me forever. I enjoy playing baseball because I am a competitive person, so for me it is fun. And I love the edge of winning.”

Kerr is a junior at Vici High School, where he plays centerfield for the Indian’s baseball team. He says that as he was growing up, his parents were always playing ball and he grew up on the diamond. That is what has given him this deep love for the game. Along with sports, he is also a member of BETA and the National Honor Society.

There have been many people that have helped Drake become the player and person that he is today.

“My parents have supported me throughout baseball and life,” he said. “Also, my coaches have taught me so much about baseball. My head coach, Kris Webb, has taught me more about life than baseball. He has shown me the right way to live my life.”

Another group of people that Kerr is thankful for are the guys that he is on the diamond with day in and day out.

“I have a great group of teammates that I am thankful for,” he said. “We all support one another in everything we do. We are more like a family and a brotherhood than just a team.”

The highlight moment of his career was making it to the semifinals of the state tournament last fall.