Fairview’s Anna Lee – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Northwest Technology Center

By Derrick Smith

Most high school athletes have to do a balancing act of sorts. Not only do they have to make sure they stay up on their school work, but they also have to make time for practice and games. Fairview’s Anna Lee has one more thing to add to that mix.

Lee attends Northwest Technology Center in Fairview, where she is in the Bio-Med program. She says that she would highly recommend Northwest Tech to anyone considering it.

“It is absolutely worth it,” she said. “You are treated with respect and you are taught to think on your own. You also learn life skills that you can carry with you after high school.”

A senior at Fairview High School, Lee is a member of the softball team and is also heavily involved with competitive archery. She says that she enjoys both her sports, but is thankful for the opportunities that archery has allowed her to have.

“What I enjoy most about competing in archery would have to be the time I get with the team,” she said. “Also, being able to travel all around the United States for archery competitions and meeting new people all the time.”

Anna is thankful for the people that have helped her to become the person she is today.

“My parents are some of the biggest influences I have in my life,” she stated. “And all of my past and present archery coaches that taught me so much. Also, Shawn Cusack, who is my Bio-Med instructor at tech.”

If being involved at Northwest Tech and also athletics were not enough, Anna is also involved with a variety of groups. She is a member of Future Farmers of America, Health Occupations Students of America, Business Professionals of America, Junior Olympic Archery Development Program, and USA archery.

The plans for Anna after graduation are already set.

“After I graduate, I will be attending Connors State College,” she said. “I will be on their archery team and plan on getting my Associates Degree and certifications to be a lab technician.”