Alva’s Rianna Clark – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Community Bank

Junior athlete at Alva High School, Rianna Clark, is honored to be recognized for all her effort. “It shows that all the hard work that is being put into a sport is paying off,” Rianna said. Rianna is a multi-athlete for her high school, playing the position of forward in basketball, golf, running cross country, and competing in three different events in track. Rianna is also involved in Alva’s STUCO, Key Club, National Honor Society, and National Technical Honor Society.

“The desire and need to become very successful in the future,” Rianna said is what keeps her motivated. Her inspiration comes from the people closest to her, her parents. “They never give up on me and always try to do the best for what I need. I look up to both of them,” said Rianna.

Being a role model for young students and athletes is something that Rianna gets pure joy from. “Knowing that smaller kids look up to me, tells me that I’m doing something right. It is really cool when we run for basketal and there’s a line of little kids just waiting to shake our hands,” Rianna said.
For Rianna having good character is important to her on and off the court. “It’s the way you act and the actions you take that describe your character. It’s also used to push yourself and strive to be a better you,” said Rianna.

Rianna has a great outlook on winning, and not just her team winning, “I love getting to compete and either win or make whoever is going to win better,” Rianna said.