Northwest Oklahoma Top 26 Girls Basketball Players

Northwest Oklahoma Top 26 Girls Basketball Players

By Bryce Davis

Editors Note: Bryce Davis is a 15 Year Veteran OSSAA Basketball Official who is an avid follower of Oklahoma High School Sports. Bryce is most familiar with players West of Highway 81. If you feel a NW or SW area player has been omitted, there is a chance that he was unable to see this person compete.  Feel free to give us your feedback via e-mail

Here is the link to the SW list:

  1. PAYTON JONES – ALVA- The Lady Bugs from Alva seem to have an endless pipeline of physical and explosive shooters; Jones is no different. An excellent penetrator and slasher, she scores with impunity from just about anywhere, never hurts to have another Top 10 player in Lexie Reihm just a pass away.


  1. JENNA BAY – SHATTUCK- Extremely quick handed shooter and defensive player. Bay is best attacking the rim and scoring in transition using her strength and athleticism to finish, she’s a formidable perimeter matchup which buys her space to go to the hole.


  1. ADDY HOFFMAN- WEATHERFORD- One of the most versatile guards on both ends of the floor in the North West. Hoffman is not only outstanding as a catch and shoot player, but she is also deadly in transition cutting up defenses and finishing even with contact. Her and Ashlyn Sage have electric chemistry.


  1. ASHLYN SAGE WEATHERFORD- A powerful and lean forward that has a terrific feel for the basket, an exceptional mid-range shot and is great off the dribble. Sage and Addy Hoffman are one of the best duo’s in 4A, the State’s most competitive class.


  1. LEXIE REIHM- ALVA- Extremely athletic, cuts baseline defenders as well as anyone in the area. Reihm has great floor vision, unselfish player and passer, and solid defender. She and Payton Jones are one of the best 1-2 punches in North West Oklahoma Girls Basketball.


  1. KAYLA HIGHFILL- BURLINGTON Excellent ball handler, unmatched smoothness for her frame, and a nonstop engine. Highfill will score from the post and the 3-point perimeter, her biggest threat to a defense is being uncontested in transition where she drives by defenders on their heels.


  1. JADE HAZELBAKER- VICI- Strong with the basketball and can find teammates with ease. Jade plays through contact as well as anyone in the North West. She has terrific scoring ability and when she heats up it seems to go in the hole from anywhere, she shoots it. Hazelbaker is an excellent floor leader.


  1. ADYSEN WILSON- LOMEGA- Arguably the best shooter in traffic in the North West, she splits defenders with her long frame and an outstanding finisher. Adysen is a great shooter from perimeter and handles the ball well for her position not to mention a good rebounder from the high post


  1. BRYA NYBERG- SEILING- Outstanding range from the 3 Point perimeter, seemingly bewitches defenses and drifts from coverage and spots up on the wing for open shot after shot. Nyberg has an iron will in close contests, she’s been in the big games her most of her career.


  1. JENNIFER BEEBE – KINGFISHER- Conference player of the year at Garber her sophomore and junior year before transferring to Kingfisher for her senior season. Beebe is a do-it-all player who makes plays all over the court. Very smart player who knows the game. Scores in spurts and good at distributing the ball.


  1. JOHANNA QUINTERO- GUYMON- Ultra athletic guard that moves easily through traffic and passes with purpose to find her teammates. Quintero has a proven jumper from behind the arc, and she is an outstanding defender against big school scorers.


  1. EMMA DUFFY- LOMEGA- Tradition doesn’t happen overnight at Lomega, its built. Duffy has been the foundation for the Lady Raider success for the last few years. Emma has great basketball instincts, a tough defender, excellent at scoring through contact and she has a smooth lever from the perimeter.


  1. TOMI HISE- HOOKER- Athletic forward with superior length and offensive versatility. Tomi has a quick attack in her face up game and is able to use her skill to penetrate the interior in critical possessions. Hise is a quick-leaper and alters shots in the paint, runs the floor with guard-like speed and she has a soft touch from the perimeter.



  1. TETONA BLACKOWL- CALUMET- Jet-quick floor-leader with an explosive attack in Calumet’s uptempo game. Tetona can be physical off the dribble and seems to always be under control when driving and distributing. A definite threat from the outside if left unguarded.


  1. ALLIE PARKHURST- CHEYENE- REYDON- A tough inside scorer that is difficult to contain when she has the ball on the top of the key. She seems to find the smallest of lanes to cut and lay in almost impossible baskets. Parkhurst handles the basketball well and is a threat to shoot from the perimeter.


  1. TAYBOR GILCHRIST- FAIRVIEW- Athletic defender with deceiving length that wields a scoring punch from just about anywhere from beyond the 3-point line. Gilchrist drifts and loses her defensive coverage and is a solid finisher of good passing from her teammates.


  1. CATELYN BREWSTER- LEEDY- Explosive floor-leader that unselfishly prioritizes her team scoring on every possession. Her driving ability breaks defenses and she distributes the ball well. Brewster is shifty and her ability to play with an edge is a big reason the Lady Bison are still playing in March.


  1. BROOKLYN BAYLESS- ARNETT- Poised lead guard that drives the Arnett offense. Bayless distributes the basketball with purpose and tempo. She is tough to contain in the open floor and is able to weave through traffic without hinderance, even against more athletic defenders. An excellent shot creator and has a good mid-range shot.


  1. JARAH WHITFIELD- BOISE CITY- Excellent on the post, good shot blocker, deadly on the high block offensively, good hands and soft touched finisher, Whitfield makes contested shots look effortless, she is one of the toughest match ups on the high post in North West Oklahoma.


  1. BRYNLEE CUE- WAUKOMIS- A smooth athlete in the key and finishes well in traffic. Brynlee is quick on the block and is active on the glass. A tough matchup for most of her defensive opponents, Cue is able to see the floor with few uncontested looks. With her length she able to put a hand in the passing lanes that create many turnovers.


  1. MAKALE FLOYD- WOODWARD- Athletic interior performer that has a good rise on her jumper in the mid-range game. Floyd is able to drive and attack on the low block and in in traffic. Her rebounding gets the transition game going for the Lady Boomers.


  1. TEGAN JONES- SHATTUCK- An evasive sharpshooter that moves well in offensive transition. Jones seems to make that extra pass in the offense that breaks the defense down and finds an open Jenna Bay for an easy basket. Tegan does a great job of anticipating poor defensive help for her stop and pop shot from behind the 3 Point line.


  1. PAYTON ROWLEY- WOODWARD- Experienced and athletic on the wing. Riley delivers offense for herself and her teammates off the dribble. She has a good spot up and shoot motion. Deceptively agile for her frame, Payton has length on the backcourt that gives many guards problems finding the open player.


  1. ANNA MOTYCKA- BURLINGTON- Strong inside presence that thrives from ripping the ball from the hands from the other teams’ rebounders. Anna is an athletic forward who seems to score easily off great inside out moves. Motycka gets up the floor well in transition and has a fantastic shot from the perimeter.


  1. ELEESE CREASON- BALKO- Physical low-post performer that is tough around the glass, rebounds and initiates the transition game for Balko. Creason’s inside game yields excellent results with her soft touches off the board. No stranger to contact, she can score on even the most physical defenders.


  1. KARLY BROWN- LAVERNE- A great face up, catch and shoot player. Karly has good ability to make a quick dribble, spot up and find the basket from the 3-point boundary. She is disruptive on the press where her length and defensive anticipation serve her well in causing turnovers.