Seiling’s Riley Tune – Character Counts Presented by Gore Travel Plaza


By Ember McElrath

Seventeen year old Seiling senior varsity basketball player Riley Tune is looking forward to a winning season.

“This season I am looking forward to having a big year and making it to the state tournament,” said Riley.

With losing one senior from last season, the team has grown used to playing together and are ready to work hard. Riley holds the position of center and power forward for the team.

Riley grew up around basketball with two of his uncles being coaches and most of his family having played the sport as well. Riley’s favorite part of the sport is the support he feels when he plays.

“The community gets behind the team and is always loud at the games,” Riley said.

Being involved in the sport of basketball, football, baseball, and organizations such as Beta club, Student Council, FFA, and FCA keeps the senior plenty busy. Riley balances school and sports by making time for each.

“I do my homework and study when I get home from practice or a game in the evening,” Riley said.

Basketball has taught Riley all about fear and overcoming fear when it creeps into your thoughts.

“There is no room for fear. No matter how big the opponent or the school, there’s no need to be afraid,” said Riley.

This school year Riley is looking forward to getting involved in community service projects for FFA and the student council.

Being undecided on a college and major doesn’t stop Riley from knowing that he would love the opportunity to play basketball in college.