Medford’s Drake McMillan – FFA Spotlight Presented by Oklahoma AgCredit

By Derrick Smith

Drake McMillan is a junior at Medford High School, where he is an active student and athlete. He is a member of the Future Farmers of America program, and also the school’s football, baseball, basketball, and track teams.

“It is really not as difficult with my school being so small,” Drake said. “I have to make sure that I am passing all my classes, so I work around my FFA and sports schedules in order to get everything done.”

McMillan, who is in his third year of FFA, says that he joined the program because of his friends.

“I had some friends that talked me into joining,” he said. “One thing that really caught my attention was getting to work on some cool projects.”

There have been a lot of experiences that Drake has enjoyed over the past few years in FFA, some that he may not have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

“I have learned how to weld and also wood making,” he said. “I was able to show pigs my eighth grade year. One thing I really enjoy is working on things in the shop.”

While he enjoys his time in FFA, McMillan is also an accomplished athlete. He has been named first team All-District running back the last two years. He has also made it to state in the track 4×100 and the long jump, finishing sixth in both events. He made it to state in the 200 meter relay but did not place.

The highlight moment for Drake has has nothing to do with an FFA event or one of his sports.

“We were able to raise and donate $5,000 to a girl in our school that has had around thirty brain surgeries,” he said. “It felt really great to be able to help out someone in need.”

For those that are new to FFA or are considering joining, McMillan has some advice.

“Come into FFA with an open mind,” he said. “Because it’s a lot of fun and you get to do more than what you think you get to.”