Cherokee’s Jadin Hall – Northwest Tech Athlete of the Month

Cherokee High School junior, Jadin Hall, is also concurrently enrolled at the Northwest Technology Center in Alva studying in the digital design program. “I chose the digital design program because it was something I knew I would always be able to use,” said Jadin. Jadin also stated, “even if I don’t go into a career where I use this everyday it is still something I will always have to fall back on and something I will always be able to use”.

Jadin enjoys several aspects of the program, but her favorite is how independent the program allows her to be. “We get to work at our own speed and what you put into the program is what you get out of the program,” Jadin said.

Not only does Jadin attend high school and the technology center, but she also is involved in basketball, cross country, and track. In basketball you will catch Jadin playing the post position, for track she runs the open 800, and in cross country she runs the two mile relay.

Being so active and involved in different activities Jadin has to stay on top of all her assignments. “Time management is huge and I’m very organized which helps, but I stay focused and do what I need to do for school and basketball before I do anything else,” said Jadin.

After high school Jadin plans to attend college and receive a degree for pre-occupational therapy all while playing basketball. After receiving her bachelor degree she then plans on attending Northwestern State University to earn a master’s in science for occupational therapy.