Sharon-Mutual’s Tiana Noyes – High Plains Tech Student Athlete Spotlight

Tiana Noyes is a junior at Sharon-Mutual High School and she’s a student at High Plains Technology Center in Woodward, OK. At High Plains Tech, Noyes is enrolled in the Business Administration Management Program.

“We start our day by talking about things we need to accomplish throughout the day and the upcoming week(s). Then we all separate to do our work. There are several different subjects you can be learning inside of the BAM class. I study digital design and photography. I’ve already completed the course over Adobe Photoshop and am currently working on the course over Adobe InDesign,” said Noyes.

At Sharon-Mutual HS, Noyes is a member of the Business Professionals of America and she serves on the Yearbook staff. This year, Noyes decided to play volleyball.

“This year is my first year playing volleyball because this is the first school I’ve attended that had volleyball as an offered sport,” said Noyes.

The youngest of six siblings, Noyes said her time between school and athletics is a challenge, but one that she has enjoyed.

“I believe the most difficult part of doing both the High Plains Tech and high school at the same time is that I have to keep up with all of my work from both schools am I don’t have any time to work on things from one school at the other. That being said it’s not too very difficult because all of my instructors are very considerate in the fact that they don’t assign a lot of homework every night, “said Noyes. “My teachers and my coach are extremely helpful when it comes to balancing my school and sports. My teachers work one on one with me when I struggle and my coach is understanding when I’m a little late to practice because I was getting help from a teacher on my work.”

With the support of her coaches, teachers, family and friends, Noyes has taken on a tough schedule and found a way to have success in all phases.

One area she really enjoys is the opportunity she has with High Plains Tech to pursue something she loves.

“I have a love for taking photos and editing them to look mesmerizing, intricate, or just plain pretty. I also like designing posters, banners, logos, and things along those lines. The BAM program just kind of called my name and was perfect for my interests,” said Noyes. “My favorite thing about tech program is that it allows us as kids to get learn skills that can seriously help us in our future careers if we choose the follow the path we start there.”