Kingsfisher’s Macy McCully – Character Counts Presented by K&S Tire

By Ember McElrath

Ever since Macy McCully can remember her life has been intertwined with softball. Her love for softball started at the young age of five.

“Every summer has always consisted of playing softball, since I can remember,” said Macy.

Macy got into the sport of softball like many younger siblings do, from watching their older siblings play. Macy learned to love the game from not only watching her older sibling play, but also from “playing catch or hitting the tee almost every night with my sisters,” Macy said. At five years old Macy joined the Kingsfisher’s Summer league.

Macy now holds the catcher position for Kingfisher High School varsity softball team. She didn’t always play the catcher position however. Her freshman and sophomore years Macy played on the varsity softball team in the right field. Macy’s junior year of high school she started a new position for the varsity team as catcher. She now continues to play that position for her final year of high school softball. 

Not only is Macy involved with the varsity fast-pitch softball team, but she is also a dedicated student involved in National Honor Society and Student Council. Macy keeps herself busy outside of school as well, as she is also involved with St Peter and Paul Youth group.

Softball has taught Macy a lot of lessons that she carries into her personal life and not just the field, making for a great outlook on life.

“The most important thing softball has taught me is to keep your head up, even if nothing is working in your favor,” said Macy.

On Macy’s time away from the field she enjoys reading books, spending time with her friends, and watching, “a good movie.” This being Macy’s last year in high school, she is looking forward to cheering on her high school at the football games, getting pumped up at the pep rallies, and making memories to last her a lifetime.