Seiling’s Kaitlyn Gilchrist – Character Counts Presented by Gore’s Travel Plaza

Entering her first year of high school cheerleading, Seiling High School student-athlete Kaitlyn Gilchrist has enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the team this season.

“I enjoy getting the opportunity to go and support and cheer on our all of sports teams and get our fans involved in each game,” said Gilchrist. “I love the encouragement and positive attitudes that each and every member of our team shows and the way that our student body and fans support each sport and activity.”

Gilchrist is involved in many activities at school including playing basketball and running track. She is also the President of the Seiling FFA chapter and Student Council Secretary. Academics have always been her top priority and she loves being involved in FFA.

“Academics are very important to me, it is important to work hard and develop good study and work habits now so that when I graduate and attend Oklahoma State University, I will have a good foundation to start with,” said Gilchrist. “My favorite subject in school is agriculture power and technology, getting to work in the shop and build things.”

Thanks to her mother pushing her to do things like cheer and FFA, Gilchrist has branched out into many areas and is a better student for it.

“My mom is a big influence in my life always pushing me to do new things and supports me in everything I do,” said Gilchrist.

In her free time, Gilchrist enjoys spending time on the basketball court or working with her show cattle projects for FFA.

Being a student-athlete at Seiling High School is about community having the support of the teachers and staff for Gilchrist.

“SHS is a great place to be a student athlete because the teachers all support us on and off the court. The staff is all so very supportive. The community gets behind every sport and activity that our students are involved in and want us to succeed.”