Woodward’s Trenton Judkins – Character Counts Presented by Great Plains Bank

By Ember McElrath 

Starting Woodward High School out on the football team ,Trenton Judkins, starting cheering halfway through his freshman year. He had many friends on the squad who persuaded him to give it a go. 

“I gave it a shot and fell in love with it,” said Trenton. This year is Trenton’s Senior year. He has focused most of his highschool career on cheer, but he is looking forward to hopefully playing basketball this Spring. 

Cheer has taught Trenton all about attitude; positive attitude. 

“It’s taught me to have a positive outlook in many things in my daily life,” Trenton said. 

It showed him that he can push himself even harder than he previously thought. 

“Cheer has taught me that I always have a little bit left in the tank to do what I need to do,” Trenton said. 

Being on any sports team in high school, you are not only representing yourself, you are respresenting the school and the community. That is something that Trenton knows well and it keeps him motivated to do his best. 

“Everytime I go out and cheer I’m representing more that just myself, I’m representing the Boomer Cheer Team and I’m representing my family so I always try to go out and put on a great performance and make everyone proud,” Trenton said. 

Trenton lives at home with his mother, Lindsay, and father Chad. They have two dogs Charlie and Colt. Before cheer his family was a dedicated football family, often traveling to watch the Texas Longhorns play, as his father grew up in Texas, and Trenton was born in Texas. Trenton was born in Texas but has spent most of his life in Woodward, where his mother was born and raised. 

This year Trenton is looking forward to getting the opportunity to cheer at all the games he can and also continuing to grow in his friendships he has made so far.