OBA’s Randy Roth – Oklahoma Bible Academy Teacher of the Month

By Ryan Stone 

The Oklahoma Bible Academy Teacher of the Month is Randy Roth, the girls’ basketball and volleyball coach. Roth also serves as and eighth grade US History and ninth grade Oklahoma History teacher at the school.  He’s currently in his second year as a full-time teacher and third season coaching at the school after working at UPS for seven years and in the medical field for 21 years.

“I’ve been coaching for a long time when we were homeschooling my two older daughters, I coached them through the Oklahoma City homeschool program. Then when I was working for Integris I met Jay Mendenhall at church and the discussion led to him telling me they were looking for a girls basketball coach, so I coached the first year while still at Integris and then felt the call to go into the classroom full-time,” said Roth.

Randy has had success in his first seasons coaching both programs. In volleyball he’s compiled an overall record of 35-20 and 22-28 in basketball, including a trip to the regional championship game in 2018.

Roth also clearly loves his role as a teacher, saying he wish he made the move to teaching 20 years ago.

“I get to be a history buff for a living,” said Roth, “I’ve always had a passion for it, but now I get to do it all day everyday and seeing kids have passion for it is such a blessing. Also, just the relationships you get to build with the kids. I’m still learning as I go, and that’s part of the joy is learning something new every day. I really learn day-by-day with the kids and I just try to make history fun and come alive for them.