Enid High Cheer Spotlight – Presented by Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

By Derrick Smith

Bravery is the one word that Enid cheer coach, Jasmyn Hammer, would use to describe her team. “We are a small squad compared to other 6A cheer teams,” she said. “The girls don’t let the size difference discourage them from putting themselves out there, trying new things, and chasing their goals. Enid High School may be a small fish in a big pond, but that doesn’t stop our athletes from trying their best and persevering.”

The squad started this season with a successful camp experience. Seniors Megan Rice, Kylee Mittelstet, and Nicole Dirks were selected as All-Americans, along with junior Kristyn Mattox. The team took third place for their GameDay routine, and first place for their Rally Routine. Mittelstet says that her favorite part of cheer is being able to represent her school and her community. “Having community members notice us in public and have younger kids look up to us as role models is the best feeling and makes us more motivated to be our best at all times.”

Bonding nights something the team enjoys doing when they can. “Our squad enjoys getting together for team bonding nights,” Hammer said. “Sometimes that means breakfast or dinner at my house, dinner and a movie at a teammates house, or something unique like having a door sign paint party at the Okie Craft Co in downtown Enid.”

Senior Megan Rice says that the bonding have made the team even closer and more unified. “What I enjoy most about my team is the bond I have with these girls. They are some of my best friends and some of them are even like my sisters. I know that I can always count on them and it has been an honor to be on this team for all four years.”

Hammer says that she has seen so much change since she took over the team three years ago. “When I took over, I saw a ton of talent with very little trust or friendship,” she said. “As someone who was on high school and collegiate squads, I felt like they were missing out on the full experience by not bonding with their teammates.”