Cherokee’s Gaby Solis – Character Counts Presented by INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center

By Ryan Stone 

The Cherokee Character Counts honor goes to Gaby Solis, a fast pitch softball player. As a junior Solis is primarily a catcher for Cherokee, but also pitches and plays shortstop. “I feel like my role is giving everybody energy to do their best and just trying to just make sure that everyone is focused in and knows what’s going on,” said Solis.

Cherokee has gotten off to a slow start this season, but Solis is optimistic that they’ll turn it around. “I feel good about the way I’ve played so far,” said Solis, “but can always improve and it’s still early. As a team I think we’ve just lacked confidence in what we can do.”

As one of the few upper classmen Solis has also become a leader for the Lady Chiefs. A responsibility that she takes seriously. “I make sure everybody is involved if someone doesn’t know what’s going on, I do my best to go out and help them out. Also just trying to represent our school in the best possible way,” said Solis.

Solis leadership on and off the field shows the kind of character that she has. “For me character is who you are, and you always want to have good character so you can be a role model to other people and you also never know who’s watching so you just always want your character to be good,” said Solis.

Outside of softball Solis is also a starter on the basketball team at Cherokee. She’s a standout in the classroom posting a 4.0 GPA. Solis is an also a member of the FCCLA and shows lambs as a member of FFA. After high school she is considering pursuing a career in nursing or teaching and coaching.