Woodward’s Jordan Wadley – Character Counts Presented by Gwaine Mathews State Farm

By John Tranchina

The fact that Jordan Wadley has stepped up as a senior leader on a Woodward High School fast-pitch softball squad full of seniors says a lot about her love for the game and her commitment to the team.

The four-year starter, a first baseman, helped Woodward go 29-10 last year before they lost in the Class 5A state quarterfinals. Wadley has been a big part of the Boomers this year, as well, both on and off the field. After starting out 7-0, they stumbled a bit since then but still boast a 12-5 mark as of Sept. 6.

“I think I am a pretty good leader for my team,” Wadley said. “As a whole, I think I lead them pretty well. I’m getting better, but it used to be, when things didn’t go my way, I’d get so upset about it and now, I’m realizing, I’m a senior now, I can’t get upset about things. And watching the underclassmen get upset about things, I want to help them understand that it’s just a game and to have fun, because you don’t have very much time to have fun.”

Taking on that responsibility is something that Wadley enjoys.

“There’s nine seniors (on the team), so anybody can take on that role,” she said. “I didn’t know it was going to be me, but I’ve matured a lot just this season, so I think I’m ready. Now that I’m a senior, I feel like I have some respect behind my words, and the girls on my team listen.”

Wadley has been playing softball since she was a little kid and her love for the game is infectious. She also plays on a travel club team called the Fast-Pitch Futures based out of Oklahoma City.

“There’s like a personality that softball players have, the girls, that I love being around, and not just my Woodward team but my traveling team, too, and just all the personalities that everybody shows is just what I really like about it,” Wadley said. “It’s also like, if I’m having a bad day, I get to go play softball. It just kind of clears my mind.”

In addition to softball, Wadley has a lot of other things going on in her busy life. She plays basketball in the winter, and in the spring, she not only plays slow-pitch softball but also participates in track and field, throwing the shot put and discus.

She is also in student council, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), the National Honor Society, Pep Club, SubDeb (“it’s a high school sorority”) and Friends of Rachel, a group dedicated to committing anonymous random acts of kindness.

Wadley, who sports a 4.0 GPA, plans to play softball in college but is still mired in the decision process.

“I have a couple of offers right now and I’m still deciding. I have like another month. It’s stressful,” she said. “Obviously, my education comes first, and I want to be a nurse. I’m also still deciding if I want to go to a JuCo (junior college) or a four-year – a JuCo where I’d play both years and then move on or a four-year where I might play the first two years.”