Leedey’s Paige Bradley – High Plains Technology Center Athlete of the Month

Leedey High School senior Paige Bradley is a member of the varsity cheer squad and a student at High Plains Technology Center.

As a member of the cheer squad, Bradley was voted captain, which brings a new set of responsibilities to your final year of high school.

At Leedey High School, Bradley’s favorite class is English with Mrs. Lady, but at High Plains Tech, she is enrolled in the Service Careers Program. She selected this program based on her desire to help others.

“I chose the Service Careers program to help special needs kids, I really enjoy the staff, and the knowledge they are teaching me,” said Bradley.

Upon completion of the program and upon graduating from Leedey High School, Bradley believes she would like to pursue a career in education or in a legal field.

“My plans after I graduate are to become a teacher’s aid or a Paraprofessional,” said Bradley.

Between school, cheer and High Plains Tech, Bradley stays busy, but when the opportunities present themselves Bradley enjoys babysitting and spending time outside.

The senior offers this advice to other students considering making High Plains Tech the right choice for their future.

“HPT is a great place to learn more about what you would like to do after you graduate, or to just get more knowledge on something you are already doing in life,” said Bradley.