Alva’s Haley Jackson – Character Counts Presented by INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center

By Ryan Stone

The Alva Character Counts honor goes to Haley Jackson, a trainer for the Goldbug football team. Jackson is entering her junior season and loves being a trainer.

“This is my favorite thing about high school so far,” said Jackson. “It keeps me involved and it’s something to do besides homework and in school activities. It’s good exercise as well and the bond I have with the team and other trainers.”

Being a trainer for the Alva football team also comes with a lot of responsibility.

“We do a lot of organization at the football facility. We’re in charge of getting everything ready for the game and getting it to the field. We also handle wrapping and getting blood off jerseys and things like that,” said Jackson.

Being a part of the football team has its perks as well. Jackson and the other trainers have had some cool experiences so far.

“When we made it far in the playoffs to go on the bigger fields we had to have passes,” said Jackson, “and that just makes you feel really official and just being a part of the team and getting to experience those things is the best part about it.”

The opportunity has also taught Jackson a lot about character and the value of it.

“I would say character is very important and it’s important to be honest to people and to have good work ethic. People being able to trust you is a big thing. To me it’s how someone sees you,” said Jackson.

When she’s not on the football field Jackson stays busy. She’s trainer for the track team and is also involved in FCCLA, while maintaining a 3.68 GPA. After high school Jackson is looking at attending Oklahoma State University and majoring in veterinary science.