Alva’s Ali Harzman – Character Counts Presented by Community Bank

By Rachelle Rogers

Ali Harzman grew up at the local recreational center in Alva. Her mother owned the recreational center, so Ali starting playing softball at an early age. Now, as a senior, she’s still loves playing softball.

While the team is not statistically successful, Ali cherishes the time she gets to spend building relationships and having fun with her teammates.

“There are so many freshman girls that I’ve made friends with that I drive around on daily basis. I drive some of them to choir practice, sometimes to lunch, and then back and forth from softball practice,” says Ali. “I remember what its like to have to ask for rides, so instead of making them ask, I offer.”

Ali really enjoys math; it’s easy for her. She’s enrolled concurrently in college this year and only has one class at Alva High School this semester. She’s involved in FCA, STUCO, Youth Baptist Group, and Key Club, an organization that helps the community.

“Just the other day I went out to the local fair and walked around and visited with some elderly people from the nursing home. We go around and help the community out and its super fun,” exclaims Ali.

Singing is Ali’s passion. She’s a member of The Electric Gold Show Choir where a group of elite kids are selected to compete in both singing and dancing. Ali plans to major in Music Therapy in college. It’s similar to physical therapy, only with music for the mind. She is looking forward to helping treat patients with anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.