Alva’s Gavin Perez – Character Counts Presented by Community Bank

By Ember McElrath

Gavin Perez is a junior at Alva High School where he plays wide receiver and free safety for the Goldbugs football team. Gavin started playing football at a young age, starting in the second grade. 

“I was always playing every sport so football was just a sport I’ve always played and enjoyed,” said Gavin.

Football has taught Gavin many important life lessons, one of those lessons being to always work hard, “even if you are the starter you never know who is gonna come and work even harder than you are and take your spot, so do not take anything for granted.” Stated Gavin.  Gavin has also learned to be a leader. Even though Gavin is only a junior he still knows that he can help lead his team and takes that responsibility and looks to help lead in anyway that he can. 

Gavin looks forward this season to “contributing to my team on both sides of the ball, football is a team sport, it’s not just about me, it’s about the whole team and I think we can accomplish a whole lot this season,” said Gavin. “On the field I feel like we are one of the best teams out there even after losing a bunch of seniors the year before.” 

Gavin stays motivated in life and sports with perseverance and determination. 

“I know not to give up on any occasion, and when I step out on the field I am gonna give one hundred and ten percent every time,” said Gavin. 

After high school Gavin has hopes on getting a scholarship to play college football, where he would love to pursue a degree in history. From there he would like to become the head coach of a high school football team where he would no doubt continue to inspire and lead people and the team.