Woodward’s Parker Pruett – Character Counts Presented by K&S Tire

By John Tranchina

Parker Pruett accepts the pressure that comes along with the responsibilities of being the returning starting quarterback for the Woodward football team, as well as being a senior expected to fill a leadership role.

But it’s not anything he views as a burden – he enjoys both.

“I think being a senior has a big deal to do with that,” he said of his role. “Being a leader for the seniors also, freshmen through seniors – they all get a chance, everyone gets a chance to be out there playing. We should all have the same approach, and I think just showing them all what it should look like, treating your teammates, treating your coaches, (with respect) is how you should play the game.

“You want those guys to have your back, and I definitely have everyone there’s back.”

Being in charge of the offense as team quarterback is considerably more complicated this year because there is a new coaching staff in place, led by Rick Luetgen, who came aboard after previously coaching at Hennessey. That means Pruett has been learning a new offensive system, one that he will be instrumental in implementing successfully.

“We were fortunate enough to get Coach Luetjen before spring ball started, so we had two weeks to kind of put in the basics of our offense and defense, go to team camp, and we were all a little hesitant,” Pruett said. “We didn’t know how that was going to go. Learning a whole new system in two weeks is pretty tough, but I think we did very well learning that as we go. Team camp went very well, and just building onto that during the season, I think we’ll do very well.”

The Boomers went 4-6 last season, missing the Class 5A playoffs, and Pruett is optimistic about how this year will go with a new regime in place.

“I think with new coaches, everyone kind of has a different attitude,” Pruett said. “Change is good, and I think so far, I’ve seen some big improvements in everyone, both on and off the field, just in the weight room and attitudes. I think that will have a big key in how our season goes.”

Luetgen is equally hopeful about Woodward’s prospects in 2019 with Pruett leading the charge.

“He’s a top-notch kid and is our team leader but treats seniors and freshmen the same, as well as starters and back-ups,” Luetgen said of Pruett. “He shows great character both on and off the field. He’s our guy!”