Hennessey’s Abigail Hobson – Character Counts Presented by INTEGRIS Hennessey Medical Clinic

By Derrick Smith

The key to being a character athlete is about being a good person off the field of play as you are an athlete on the field of play. It is an equal balance that Abigail Hobson, or as most people know her, Abi has come to understand.

“A character athlete is someone who has great qualities in and out of sports,” she said. “I balance academics and volleyball so that I am able to excel in both. It gets tough trying to keep straight A’s, but I work hard to do it, and I also try to help others with schoolwork. Volleyball is the same way. I take conditioning seriously, and I will devote as much time as I can to help any teammate. I am able to give and receive constructive criticism, and I try to not dwell on any mistakes I may make. I always try to stay positive, which is something that is important in sports.”

Hobson is a Senior at Hennessey High School, where she is Senior Class Vice-President for Student Council, as well as a member of the volleyball team.

When she is on the court, Abi mainly plays as an outside hitter, but she is a strong player anywhere on the floor. She began playing volleyball during her eighth grade year.

Abi’s team saw improvement during her junior year and they also were able to grow as a team. “We won more games last season than the one before,” she said. “The scores didn’t always show it, but all of us made a lot of improvement. I had lots of fun and friendships with some of my teammates really grew.”

While a character athlete excels on the court, they should also excel in the classroom, and that is something that Abi does. She has carried straight A’s throughout school. She has also been named to the Superintendent’s Honor Roll and Oklahoma Honor Society. She also received the Award for Educational Excellence from the President’s Education Awards Program and she was also named MVP of the volleyball team this past season.

There have been many people influence Abi’s life up to this point, but there are two people that have made the biggest impact. “I would have to say my parents,” she stated. “I try to work hard in everything I do to make them proud. They support me in everything I do so that I can be the best that I can be.”

While in the classroom, Hobson says that her favorite teacher is one who let his students be involved. “My favorite teacher has to be Cole Smith,” she said. “He was my history teacher last year. I learned more about history with him as my teacher than I have with any other history teacher. He is a really chill guy that let us speak our minds in class and we could talk to him about almost anything. I was always excited to go to his class every single day.”

Hard work and determination are two keys to being successful in sports, according to Hobson. “I never quit,” she said. “I love practicing and training and I take advantage of every minute on the court so that I can constantly improve. I always try to give 110% no matter how hard it gets. I really love volleyball.”

When she is not competing for the Lady Eagles, Abi is a new member of Enid Elite, a club volleyball team. “I joined Enid Elite this past year,” she said. “It was my first time playing club and I absolutely love it. I had the most amazing coaches, Jeremiah Herrian, Ashton Halper, and Angela Baldwin, who taught me so many things about the sport and got me to love it more than I already did. I learned so much from them that I have been able to carry this knowledge back to my high school team.”