Leedey’s Ty Goss – FFA Spotlight Presented by Farm Credit of Western Oklahoma

By John Tranchina

For Ty Goss, athletics and FFA (Future Farmers of America) are his two main commitments right now, both of which help provide valuable life lessons for the Leedey High student who just competed his junior year.

Goss, a mainstay on the Leedey basketball and baseball teams, has been involved with FFA since he was a toddler, helping out on the family farm and learning to care for livestock.

“I live on a farm and we run about 30 sows and that’s kind of what we do, we raise pigs and sell them for income, and I show pigs on the side as well,” Goss said. “It just allows me to connect with lots of big industry people, the top-end people that really help me get places when it comes to knowing the right people, and it’s brought me many friendships. It’s just something that me and my family like to do together.”

In addition to helping him build relationships and important connections for his future career, Goss’ involvement with FFA in caring for the animals has helping teach him responsibility and accountability.

“Definitely, it gives you a little something to be proud of and you really got to want to do it, because you got to get up every morning and take care of them,” Goss said. “They can’t live without you, you’ve got to be the one that helps them get through the day. It’s early mornings and late nights and long drives to shows and all the hard work, but it really pays off in the end if you just stick with it and do what you’re supposed to.”

Between FFA and sports, Goss has committed a lot of time and energy to his interests, but he still makes sure he finds time to get his schoolwork done.

“You just got to be responsible with your time and get the things that need to be done first before you do the things that come next,” he said. “Parents and friends and everyone that help out and help make all that possible – just a really great family that’s behind me and really taught me lots of things and allow me to do what I do.”

Leedey basketball coach Lance Carpenter, who has coached him since middle school, had only positive things to share about Goss. The Bison went 24-6 last season, advancing to the Class B state quarterfinals before falling to Calumet.

“He’s been a great player for me throughout the whole time I had him,” Carpenter said. “He’s helped lead us to the state tournament three years in a row. He’s really getting to have a solid game all around, great leadership from him. I can’t say enough good things about Ty.”

And in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and gets along, their lives intersect in FFA circles as well.

“In Leedey, America, we’re a small-knit community,” Carpenter added. “I have a son that shows too, so he’s around Ty a lot and shows stuff. He does the same things he does when playing ball, he gives 100 percent at that as well. He spends many hours working on his animals, he gets them in prime, top shape. That’s why he’s been so successful in the show arena.

“Whatever Ty does, Ty does it to the fullest he could do it and works as hard as he can at it.”