Kremlin-Hillsdale’s Morgan Miller – Track Spotlight Presented by Security National Bank



Morgan Miller has been a part of Kremlin-Hillsdale schools since kindergarten and to her, it is home. 

“You can tell the faculty truly cares about their student body,” she said. “There’s always gonna be someone to reach out to and come to with anything. You’ll never feel left out.”

Miller has competing in track since her fifth grade year, and hasn’t gone a track meet yet without placing in 100 hurdles. She enjoys getting to represent her school and shed a little light on the sport that she loves.

“It means a lot to me to be able to represent this school in a way not commonly seen,” she said. “Not many people are on our track team so to be the only one heading to state this year and previous years, brings a little more attention to the program and I’m happy to do it.”

Miller admits that while grades aren’t necessarily her strong suit, she has been able to be successful in school because of her excellent teachers and her drive to compete in athletics.

“Like I said, our teachers are always there to help, and having the motivation to participate in sports has kept me where I needed to be,” she said. 

Her favorite thing about being a Kremlin-Hillsdale athlete is the team she is a part of. Her teammates are an important part of her track experience. 

“Our ability to laugh and joke under any circumstance – whether it be our bus breaking down or not reaching a new time we set out for – we always know how to keep a smile and push through,” said Miller.

Miller shares that this year’s team has been a great one to compete with.

“I think this has been a really good season for us, team-wise,” she said. “We didn’t get all the times we were looking for, but in all my years on this team I’ve never seen us come together so well, and I credit a lot of it to our amazing coach.” 

In addition to track, Miller participates in band, basketball, cross country, and student council. In her free time, she says you will find her with her best friends or out in the field with her animals. After graduation she will be going to UCO and continuing her track career.