Sharon-Mutual’s Braxton Pummel – High Plains Technology Center Athlete of the Month

Braxton Pummel is a triple threat athlete for the Sharon-Mutual Trojans, playing baseball, basketball, and football. The senior says his favorite sport is baseball, where he plays centerfield. He has played baseball for about five years now, initially trying it out because his brother always played and he thought he would also enjoy it. He was right.

Pummel will say that his favorite part of competing for his high school is getting to enjoy the game with his teammates, through the highs and lows.

“This year had its ups and downs but we grew a lot as a team,” he said.

When times do get tough, Pummel keeps his head up and strives for success. He implements this mindset on the field and in all aspects of his life.

“Success is what motivates me to be my best,” he said. “Knowing the fact that my hard work and perseverance will help me achieve greater professional success is what keeps me going.”

Pummel is in his second year in the Construction Trades Program at High Plains Technology Center. He says he has always enjoyed woodworking, which is what led him to choose that program.

“I wanted to take classes at High Plains so I could develop a trade that I would be able to use throughout my life,” he said. “My favorite thing about HPTC is being able to do something different every day and being involved in hands-on projects.”

Last year Pummel had quite an achievement, placing first at the State Skills USA Contest for Carpentry, then going to Nationals and placing sixth in the nation. This is just one opportunity that he enjoys through High Plains Tech.

“Attending High Plains not only helps me to develop a trade for later on in life but it also teaches me leadership responsibilities and opens up many job opportunities,” he said.

After high school Pummel plans to attend NOC in Tonkawa and further his education.