Fargo’s Duke Kelln – High Plains Technology Center Student Spotlight

Shattuck High School senior Duke Kelln is not your average high school student. In addition to his regular classes and being concurrently enrolled at High Plains Technology Center, Kelln runs his own business.

“My business called TwistedIronDuck is a small metal fabrication company that specializes in outdoor and indoor furniture as well as decorations,” said Kelln. “I’m hoping to turn it into a larger business after I’m done with my education.”

To further his education and skills regarding his business venture, Kelln began taking classes at High Plains Tech in the Welding program.

“Through my time at High Plains I have learned many types of welding processes that will help me in the future and present time,” he said.

Kelln has lots of love for his hometown and the people in it, especially those who have taken the time to share their knowledge and experience with him.

“My favorite thing about where I’m from is that there are tons of experienced fabricators that share knowledge with me so I can be the best I’m able to,” he said.

As if his schedule isn’t busy enough, Kelln is also involved in FFA through his high school and has earned multiple awards. He is a driven individual who already has his eyes set on what the future holds.

“I plan to attend Cowley County Community College this following fall where I will take the welding/fabrication program to better my skills under one of the best instructors in the nation,” he said.


Check out Kelln’s projects and business at twistedironduck.com.