Woodward's Madison Miller – High Plains Technology Center Spotlight

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By Corey Heim

A 16 year-old junior at Woodward High School and member of the marketing program at High Plains Technology Center, Madison Miller has found her passion both in the classroom, and in sports.

Miller is very active in wrestling and she also competes in competitive cheer. She says that wrestling is her most competitive sport because she’s going against people that are in the same weight as her and have the same drive. Wrestling is also a solo sport, which exclusively puts all of the pressure on Miller.

Miller participates in competitive cheer out of Fusion Athletics in Garden City, Kansas. Her cheer team travels across the country and received a summit bid in Orlando this summer. They are also two time national champions this past year.

Madison Miller

Miller’s biggest passion outside of athletics is marketing, a passion she is able to explore and nurture at High Plains. She decided to join the tech program after seeing a majority of her friends join and credits her friend Alana as the one who gave her the final push.

She loves the hands-on experience she gets on the program and says that her classwork is full of intermissions, presentations and making commercials. She believes the program has given her a look at how the real world of marketing functions and it has made her even more passionate for her future career.

Once she graduates from high school and the tech program Miller plans on moving to Miami for college where she will major in marketing. She dreams of owning a coffee shop in Florida, where I’m sure she’ll do the marketing for it.