Sharon-Mutual's Carson Cansler – High Plains Technology Center Spotlight

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By Corey Heim

Carson Cansler is one of those students that is so dedicated and hardworking to his academics and community, that it’s quite difficult to remember he’s only a high school senior. He currently attends Sharon-Mutual High school, which he will be graduating from in May. He is also involved in the Health Careers Program at High Plains Technology Center, where he focusing on his passion of veterinary medicine.

Cansler has dreamed of becoming a veterinarian ever since he was a little kid, as he has always had a love for animals. This interest only grew stronger as he joined the Health Careers Program at HPTC. His good friend, Will Yadon, convinced Cansler that he should join the program; and shortly after enrolling, Cansler knew it was exactly where he was meant to be. The program offered him the opportunity to be certified as a veterinary assistant; and he believes it’s been the best decision he’s ever made.

His favorite thing about HPTC is the people that he’s met through the program. He said he’s made countless friends and relationships with peers and faculty whom he knows he can count on in the future. Through his experiences in veterinary assisting clinicals, he has had the opportunity to watch surgeries and see first-hand what veterinary medicine really entails.

Carson Cansler

“My experiences through my clinicals have helped reassure me that what I am wanting to do is something I will love,” Cansler said.

Cansler is also actively involved in his church youth group, FFA and HOSA, a student organization that is oriented to those interested in the health field.  Through HOSA, he has served as a chapter and state officer, and is now currently running for a national officer position.  Through FFA, he shows pigs, participates in speaking contests, is involved in livestock judging and volunteers for service projects and leadership conferences. He is also the FFA president for Sharon-Mutual High School.

After graduating this coming May, Cansler plans on attending Oklahoma State University in the fall, where he will pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. Once he is finished with his degree he wants to move back to Northwest Oklahoma to start his own veterinary practice and a family.

His current Health Careers instructor, Don Gaines, is quite positive that Cansler will be successful in wherever his future takes him.

“Carson is a great student and an even better person,” Gaines said. “He will be able to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to.”