Enid's Noah Voth – Academic Athlete of the Month Presented by Lyle Nickel AAA Insurance


By Derrick Smith

High school student-athletes have tough task of balancing their studies with practice and games. If they do not focus enough time on their studies, they could become ineligible. If they do not focus enough time on practice, they may not reach their potential when game time comes.

Enid’s Noah Voth says that trying to balance all that can get tough, especially when you mix in life.

“I have two AP classes this year, which usually require quite a bit of homework each night. So yes, it is difficult to balance school, church, sports, and family, but I work really hard and do the best I can.”

Voth, who is a sophomore, plays basketball and runs cross country for the Plainsmen. He has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember, but joined his first team in the third grade. He is also a member of the Enid High School Concert Choir.


Noah has a couple of people in his life that he uses as examples on the basketball court.

“My biggest role models for basketball are probably my uncles, Roger Voth and Greg Voth. They both played basketball in high school at Oklahoma Bible Academy and were successful.”

Noah’s favorite teacher is one that makes learning captivating.

“Mrs. Brenda Neidigk teaches AP Human Geography,” Noah said. “She has been very helpful in preparing me for the AP test this upcoming April. I like having her as a teacher because she is involved in the learning process.  She does the work alongside us and she makes it interesting.”

Success in sports is something that requires a lot of work and also perseverance.

“It has taken a lot of hard work to be successful in sports,” Noah said. “I am not one of the most athletic players, but with my background in running for cross country, I have stamina to keep going even when it is tough.”

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