Fairview’s Kenzie Craighead – Northwest Technology Center Athlete of the Month

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By Kelsey Baucom

Kenzie Craighead is a junior at Fairview High School who plays basketball for the Lady Yellowjackets as well as being on a traveling AAU basketball team. She is also active in FFA and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at her high school.

In addition to her regular studies, Craighead is enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences and Medicine program at Northwest Technology Center in Fairview. She was already interested in the subject to begin with, but what sealed the deal was her tour of the campus where she got to be included in class activities.

“I am a part of the Bio-Med program because I’ve always found science extremely interesting,” she said. “So when I walked in the door for a tour and they were dissecting something and even let me try, I was instantly hooked.”

Kenzie Craighead - Fairview

For Craighead, the best part of Northwest Tech is the hands-on experience she gets in and out of the classroom. It is always interesting and offers lots of unique opportunities.

“I really enjoy all the hands-on experience,” she said. “We do anything from job shadowing to solving crime scenes to intense labs. But we’re always learning something new.”

Craighead would encourage her fellow high school students to check out what Northwest Tech could offer them as well.

“To anyone who is considering enrolling at Northwest Tech I would say go for it because it is something that you won’t regret,” she said. “It’s a fun environment and gives you good opportunities for your future.”

After high school she plans to attend Southwestern and major in biology as an undergrad. She then wants to continue on to Northern Oklahoma College and earn her degree to become an optometrist.


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