Hennessey's Garrett Lough – Character Counts Presented by Integris Hennessey Medical Clinic

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The Hennessey varsity basketball team is off to a great start this season and head coach Brady Page is doing it with a talented group of players. Garrett Lough is one of those players. Lough is the type of player you want the younger kids looking up to. His passion for the game and his teammates is obvious when you watch the Eagles play. 

“I just love how well we get along. We are always really lighthearted, joking, and everyone is made to feel welcome,” said Lough. “This team is really special to me because I have known most of these guys all my life. On top of that, nobody is selfish with the ball and we all share it evenly to take good shots and win games. The goal for our team every year is to make it to the State Tournament. If we complete that goal our next goal is to win the championship.”

Lough believes the community of Hennessey supports the team like no other and that means a lot to him and his teammates. 

“It really means a lot to know that the town supports us in every way. Without all the fans coming out and cheering us on we wouldn’t be where we are today,” said Lough. 

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On or off the court, Lough looks for opportunities to do the right thing. Sportsmanship on the court and being a person of good character off the court is something Lough strives to achieve. 

“I believe it’s always important to show good sportsmanship. Your show of sportsmanship says a great deal about your character. There is no reason to be rude to anyone else on the court. We are all out there to play basketball and have fun,” said Lough. “I always try to be a person of good character because I never know if some younger kid is looking up to me. If I am being looked up to I want to set a good example.”

As a student-athlete at Hennessey High School, Lough is involved with National Honor Society and FFA. 

Lough points to his head coach as someone that his influenced him during his time at Hennessey High School. 

“The person who has influenced me the most is my coach Brady Page. Not only is he a great coach but also a person of great character. He always pushes me to be better basketball player as well as a better person both on and off the court,” said Lough. 

His future plans include going to Oklahoma State University and majoring in Computer Engineering. When he’s not on the court you can find Lough hanging out with his teammates, playing guitar or helping others in his community.