Enid's Cayti Moeller: Female Athlete of the Month – Presented by Security National Bank

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By Jordan Edwards 

Cayti Moeller, senior shooting guard for Enid women’s varsity basketball team, is passionate about the sport due to just the game itself. Moeller has played basketball for multiple years and would love to pursue it for as long as possible. 

Moeller’s favorite part about the sport is being able to play with her friends as well as just playing the game in general.

Throughout her basketball career, Moeller has faced adversity just like any other athletes, but it was this year that has been the most difficult for her.

“The biggest adversity I’ve faced would be loosing my grandma last month,” Moeller said. “She was a very important factor in my life and also my biggest fan.”

Cayti Moeller-Enid

Losing her grandma has been extremely difficult, but it is her other family members, friends, teammates and coaches that have been there to help her push through and continue to play hard for her grandma.

Moeller has always had a large support group cheering her on in the stands and she believes that they are her biggest support system. 

“My biggest supporter in my life isn’t necessarily just one individual,” Moeller said. “My entire family and coaches support me in all my decisions. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them!”

Having a multitude of supporters has pushed Moeller to be the athlete that she is today. She has played hard in seasons past but knowing that this is her senior year is what is keeping her motivated to play harder.

“I won’t ever get any of this back,” Moeller said. “I am playing every game like it’s my last. My coaches also do a great job of pushing me to do my best.”

Basketball has been a large part of Moeller’s life for as long as she can remember. She feels as if there is a basketball community that has created life-long friendships with teammates and coaches. She feels the most support in her sport from her family but also from her teachers, coaches, classmates and their fans.

After high school, Moeller would like to attend college and further her education as well as continue her basketball career.