Chisholm’s Gracie Holder: Enid Area Athlete of the Month – Presented by Curttright Honda

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By Kelsey Baucom

Gracie Holder has played basketball since she was the first grade. Now the Chisholm High School sophomore is a guard for the Lady Longhorns who is excited to see what the rest of the season brings. 

“The season so far has been great!” she said. “I see a lot of improvements in my team for us to continue to do well as the season exceeds. I hope we continue to work together and learn to improve in any way possible in order to reach our full potential.”

Her initial interest in the sport was inspired by her older sister who also played. 

“I always was at her games watching, which led me to want to play as well,” said Holder. 

Her father has also been influential in her life as a role model of hard work and good values.

“My dad has always been a role model for me,” she said. “He has always told me that hard work and dedication are values that are essential to have in any aspects of life, especially bringing them to the table in my teams and other activities I do, which I have kept with me for reference.” 

Gracie Holder - Chisholm

It is this mindset that makes Holder a leader on her team even though she is young. She strives to be the best she can be in everything she does in order to make her family and those around her proud.

“What motivates me to be a good leader on the team comes from wanting the best success for my teammates,” she said. “I’ve always been involved in various organizations that push and help me to want to further that in order to pursue the most possible growth, as well as my family playing a large role in wanting me to be the best person I can for my teammates, friends, etc.”

Holder shared something that stands out to her as a highlight of the Chisholm High community. 

“My favorite thing about competing for my school is Chisholm’s annual basketball tournament, Wheat Capital,” she said. “I look forward to playing every year because of the tradition and excitement that comes with it!”

Outside of basketball Holder runs cross country and track, is involved in Student Council, National Honors Society (NHS), Spanish Club, Chisholm Community Outreach Team (CCOT), Fellow Christian Athletes (FCA), and is the Vice President of her sophomore class.