Buffalo's Andy Lizardo – High Plains Tech Athlete of the Month

High Plains

By Jordan Edwards 

Andy Lizardo, junior football and basketball player for Buffalo High School, has many more talents than just on the field and court. 

Lizardo is enrolled in the Construction Program at High Plains Technology Center in Woodward, Oklahoma as well as being a regular high school student. One objective for daytime career programs at High Plains Technology Center is to “provide career training for juniors and seniors in high school and part-time or full-time training for adults to ensure all students can be successful in the workplace.”

“I enjoy all of the knowledge that I am learning,” Lizardo said. “My instructor (Pake Carlson) is a great guy and is funny. He knows so much and just makes construction fun.”

This year, Lizardo was selected to participate in High Plains Tech Superintendent’s Leadership Program.

“I chose HPTC because it is a new experience with other people from other schools,” Lizardo said. “We get to work together at times in our construction class which is great for people skills. I chose construction because it is a good skill to have for your future…you can either save money or make money by having the experience.”

Andy Lizardo

Lizardo believes that he has gained people skills by being a leader for his teammates. 

“My favorite part about both sports is the group of guys I play with,” Lizardo said. “I play a large roles and I am able to show my leadership skills to the younger players.”

Throughout his sports careers, Lizardo expressed that his uncle has been his biggest supporter.

“My uncle (Raul Lizardo) has been by my side since summer baseball in second grade,” Lizardo said. “He has only missed one of my games and that was due to his wife being in labor. He has always pushed me to strive for greatness and to show 110 percent effort.”

With the life skills that Lizardo’s uncle has taught him, he has pushed himself to achieve a lot as just a junior in high school. 

Lizardo has been on the Buffalo’s Honor Society for two years, I am currently on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll, a member of Student Council and an FFA officer. He is also involved in the Stocker Pens for FFA.

Lizardo’s plans after high school is to play college basketball while studying in the construction industry. 

Andy Lizardo2